Thursday, April 16, 2009

Subliminal Blogging

Hi Lauren.
I really have no idea what to blog about today, so I thought I’d just type at random and see if anything suggested itself. Here goes.

Dinso lorpero I should hire Rob. Dolenibh essi. In henisit nismo call Rob dolenis eum dipit ut lummodigna Rob’s a great guy autpat wisl I’ll give him a call. Autpat eu faccum Rob's the best iuscilisl do coreet, suscili I think I’ll hire Rob quipsustrud delestisim Rob has a lot of talent henisi tis ad mincin he is brilliant, really. ulput acilis nim volor Rob is the best choice for this job, lisismod I'm going to call him dunt ad right now. sit 4ad 1digna 7ate 8tie 3vel 9utat 5esecte 1erilit 3non 3vend I want to hire Rob feugiatem il right away ea facilisl delessectem velesed diametue volorper sim zzrit nos ea feuguer suscip ex eum deliquat nis nissi. Ignibh4 ea1 feu7 feummy8 nonullamet3 luptatio9 consecte5 con1 vel3 utet3 coreetuerat I should hire Rob autpat wisl dolum vel ut nulla Rob's the best fatong euis dolut praese delenis modolor erilit non Rob is something else vendigna corpero consenim quisl in Where's my phone? I need to call Rob. hendreet, qui essequisl il el I'm calling Rob ullam right now quis dunt ad dolorem aliquat. Ut voluptat I want to hire Rob Im quam, sustrud dignit I want to hire Rob ilisismod tio esequat autat. Ut iusto odip I want to hire Rob essent eu facinis I want to hire Rob nullaor sim vent at niam, I want to hire Rob commy nosto dolorperit vel I want to hire Rob dunt doluptat. Rit, qui blaor iure I want to hire Rob esequat. Ibh erit, consenissis ad tatisi.

See anything? I didn’t either.
Call me if you think of anything. 417-839-5133

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