Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Votes Are In

Hi Lauren.

The polling stations have just closed and I would like to thank my constituents for voting early and voting often. It has been a long campaign, but well worth the effort.
To refresh everyones memory, the question in question was: Should Lauren hire Rob?
Answer A was: Yes, definitely
Answer B was: Absolutely
Answer C was: Of course
Answer D was: Right on

With a landslide victory of 62% of the 98 votes, the winner is answer A: Yes, definitely. Runner-up with 17% is answer B: Absolutely.

There you have it - inconclusive proof that you should hire me.

The people have spoken.

(I am available for the swearing-in ceremony this weekend.)


  1. Richard Nixon. Really?!? Of all the political figures and that was the one you chose. Interesting....