Sunday, April 12, 2009

What’s Your Favorite Workout?

That’s a tough question. An easier question would be what’s your least favorite?

My least favorite is the one I’m doing right now. The one that I can’t suck in enough air for. This lactic acid bomb that I’m only half way through. If I can only get three more rounds, all-right two more rounds, come on just one more round last 10 reps just 5 more don’t stop 3 2 OK last 1 - then I can collapse on the floor and with sweat-blinded eyes watch my lungs rip out of my chest and run away like abused children.

But my favorite?

I do like the long met con killers that you can set your pace and lower your head and grit your teeth and just grind away.

Or the short ones that are over almost before you notice. Let go of the bar and there’s that sweet, sweet moment, just an instant, when you feel weightless and invincible. Then the blood rushes back to your brain and the load hits and you can’t control your feet and you have to hold on to something for a while and you hear someone calling your name and you turn around and it’s some stupid clown with a red nose. Yeah I like those.

My favorite might be the heavy days - pulling a heavy weight off the floor when you’re testing your 1 rep max. That cold steel bar feels alive in your hand, like it wants to raise up on its own. Set your back, weight to your heels, anchor your grip, breathe, tighten down, feel those big posterior chain muscles start to pull. The bar just floats up.

But my favorite workout?

My favorite workout would have to be the next one.

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  1. My favorite workout is the one that I "think" I can't do but I do it anyway. I love it when I get done and realize I underestimated myself. Or, the ones where I get to play in the weight room with the big boys. That's fun too!